Classic Rings

If you’re a guy planning to do a surprise engagement to your loved one, or a beau and your fiancé that is very excited on your wedding, or just wanting to get re-wed with your beautiful partner in life in your 50th anniversary, then you’ll surely need the most precious and elegant engagement pair of rings. Here at Brilliant Virtues, we just don’t offer you the most elegant and precious Classic Engagement Rings, but we also offer you the most amazing price without breaking your wedding fund.

Handcrafted and made with the most extreme care, our elegant and precious Classic Engagement Rings will be the perfect one to give to the woman of your life when the most amazing event of both of your lives starts to unfold. Our wedding rings are only made with the finest and most precious materials of gold, silver and other precious stones, just like your love for each other. The quality of our wedding rings is expected to last long, just like your relationship. We do have a wide array of choices that will best describe your love for each other. Our rings are also very hypoallergenic, that means, it will rest comfortably in your fingers and you wouldn’t want it to be removed.

Just like relationships, Brilliant Virtue has a very strong faith and care to our customers. We offer you the best wedding rings that are fit and will best describe your marriage. We will surely offer free shipping to anywhere in the world and we will take care that your ring be delivered always on time and in the great conditions. For your wedding ring purchase, just visit our store online and get an extraordinary look.
Size Chart

Ring Size Chart:

United States & Canada UK, Europe & Australia CN/SG/JP HK Switzerland Circumference(mm)
4 H 7 9 46.8
4.5 I 8 10 48.1
5 0.5J 9 11 49.3
5.5 0.5K 10 12 50.6
6 0.5L 11 13 12.75 51.8
6.5 0.5M 13 14.5 14 53.1
7 0.5N 14 16 15.25 54.3
7.5 0.5O 15 17 16.5 55.6
8 0.5P 16 17.75 56.9
8.5 0.5Q 17 19 58.1
9 0.5R 18 20.5 59.4
9.5 0.5S 19 22 60.9
10 0.5T 20 23 52.2
10.5 0.5U 22 24 22.75 63.5
11 0.5V 23 25 64.7
11.5 0.5W 24 26 66
12 0.4X 25 27.75 27.5 67.2


*These charts are for reference only. Fit may vary depending on the construction, materials and designers.