We at Brilliant Ventures are very certain that every woman of color, age, race and size will be delighted. Proudly presenting our Handcrafted Women’s Jewelry collection, every woman will proudly stand out when wearing our fine line of jewelries just exclusively made and intricately designed for them. Every woman will surely wear our designs regardless of what they will do, where they will go, and to what occasion or event they will be attending. We take pride with our jewelry collection that is just exclusively for women, that every women sporting our jewelry will be, and always be proud to be a woman.

From the necklaces, to the rings, bracelets, and earrings, we are very delightful that we made these designs for the all the women. To further empower the women of today, we only used the most premium kind of materials, especially handpicked to perfection, to create and produce these type of elegant jewelry for the elegant women. Our line of Handcrafted Women’s Jewelry is also a hundred percent hypoallergenic to take care of the women’s pristine skin and complexion. We also make sure that our jewelry for women will last long. All of this will be appreciated by women of all kinds, especially that its price tag is the most affordable one.

These jewelry line produced by Brilliant Virtue is dedicated to the strongest women of our generation. We stand up with women as we also proudly offer you our exclusive women’s jewelry collection. We only use the finest materials and offer a very low price without sacrificing quality. So take this chance and order you unique jewelry from us!
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Size Chart

Ring Size Chart:

United States & Canada UK, Europe & Australia CN/SG/JP HK Switzerland Circumference(mm)
4 H 7 9 46.8
4.5 I 8 10 48.1
5 0.5J 9 11 49.3
5.5 0.5K 10 12 50.6
6 0.5L 11 13 12.75 51.8
6.5 0.5M 13 14.5 14 53.1
7 0.5N 14 16 15.25 54.3
7.5 0.5O 15 17 16.5 55.6
8 0.5P 16 17.75 56.9
8.5 0.5Q 17 19 58.1
9 0.5R 18 20.5 59.4
9.5 0.5S 19 22 60.9
10 0.5T 20 23 52.2
10.5 0.5U 22 24 22.75 63.5
11 0.5V 23 25 64.7
11.5 0.5W 24 26 66
12 0.4X 25 27.75 27.5 67.2


*These charts are for reference only. Fit may vary depending on the construction, materials and designers.